Thursday, August 05, 2004

Free Speech...only if you say what they want to hear.

The following is a true account...

As some of you know I frequent the web site of one Matthew Good. I first learned of Mr. Good a few years back when friend invited a few of us to see him in concert at The Saint in Asbury Park. I had previously been familiar with a few of the Matthew Good Bands songs that were being played on local radio.

It was one of the few times that I had seen The Saint absolutely packed and MGB put on quite a show. The music was tight and the singer Matthew Good, was right on. I noticed how passionate he was with his music, which reminded me of a close friend (Christian).

It wasn't until months later that I discovered that Matthew Good had this political voice. I am pretty much a staunch conservative, though I am thankful to have friends and family of various persuasions (politically and otherwise). Although I am certainly not an academic when it comes to topics like History, GeoPolitics etc. I do consider myself fairly well read. What I couldn't help notice was that any serious debate on Matt's site, including any critique of Matt or his "band of heroes" like Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky etc. was met with immediate aggression. This was true despite the on again off again stance that Matt would take about "never personally" posting on his message boards.

Without getting into every detail (boring, exciting or otherwise) I noticed a pathology to Matt's behavior. In addition to spam and vulgar posts that Matt surely receives from the base of internet trash that circulate the world wide web, Matt was also rather fond of deleting posts, even entire threads in which civil, constructive debate took place, but may also have made his heroes or himself look rather foolish. Matt was an equally opportunity offender though, quickly removing several of his posts in which he sounded completely irrational or came across the least bit intolerant.

Well one day, despite all of my postings, comments and suggestions being completely civil Matt blocked my IP. Actually this was after several email's in which he threatened to take the whole board down and "ruin it for everyone else" if I did not stop posting. I continued to post, and then Matt got swift and learned to block my IP. While it is certainly technically possible for me to mask my IP and continue to post even under another alias, I won't.

Please do not take this Blog entry as a call to arms to spam Matt's site, send him hatemail, or even thoughtful letters to tell Matt he has it all's not worth it and I would be very disappointed. Rather, I encourage you who may not already be familiar with his site to visit. I can tell you first hand there are a lot of cool Matt Good fans out there...with strong opinions and stubborn as all hell...which is great. Even better is that many have blogs on their own in which civil debate is allowed and things rarely get personal.

Matt's actions are unexplainable. At times he criticized me for not having sources with my posts. When I provided sources he accused me of promoting other people's products and my own agenda!?! I am still confused by that one. Does Matt take this course of action because his buddies at AI or the eco-terrorist outfits rag on him for not controlling his minions? Or is it just a fragile ego? Can he not accept the fact that he is not, at least yet, John Lennon reincarnate?

I can only attest to the fact that I welcomed all debate, was never vulgar, and made some really decent relationships with some fellow fans. So I am gone, but Matthew Good's hypocrisy will not be forgotten.

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