Thursday, August 19, 2004

Worst Pain In The World...

This is going to sound very "Larry King Like"...but toothaches are the absolute worst when it comes to pain (just think of that Larry King Raspy Voice that Norm MacDonald does)!! I have had broken bones, a broken nose, stiches all over my body and a bad lower back (at times). Nothing is worse then the steady pulse of a toothache (even non-cavity related pains)

I have an impacted wisdom tooth on my lower right jaw and it has been killing me for 4 days now. I tried to be stoic about it all and hoped the pain would go away but no luck. After sitting through three days of business meetings, in which I was uncharacteristically mostly silent its time to make an appointment with the oral surgeon. The pain is so bad and has spread so that I now have an ear ache...which would be the second most painful affliction known to man.

If my balls start swelling then I am ripping all of my teeth out.
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