Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Mexico's Self Help Guide

Let me be very clear about something. I believe in American Immigration. Simply put America would not be anywhere near the great nation it is without its immigrant population. I am myself the son of an immigrant.

With that said this is very disturbing news.

It seems that the Mexican Foreign Ministry has produced a pamphlet providing advice to migrants illegally crossing the U.S. border.

George Grayson, a Mexico expert at the College of William and Mary, said the guide sends a message that the Mexican government endorses illegal immigration.

"It is a wink and a nod to illegal immigrants," Grayson said. "How would they feel if the Guatemalans published a guide on how to get into Mexico?"

The primary duty of our government (or any) is to protect the citizens and the sovereignty of our nation. I have yet to hear any type of argument that can rationalize how the open border situation we have with Mexico is in accordance with this fundamental responsiblity of our government. The government of Mexico also fails in that this does nothing to protect these migrant workers once they have crossed the border and is a slap in the face to the U.S. citizens, by promoting such illegal activiy.

My own mother went through the process of legally entering the United States(and even later decided to become an American citizen). The mostly very hard working, spiritual and lively folk that the Mexican immigrant population are should be encouraged to do the same. Why not enjoy the benefits and protection that only a documented worker/immmigrant is assured? Further, when will we as a people start holding U.S. corporations, local business owners and politicians accountable for equally enabling (on many counts) this process? I for one would be reasonable enough to offer, for one final time amnesty to those illegal immigrants actively employed in the U.S., but everything going forward must be done to the law of the land.

To the Mexican government and American corporations, shame on you for being so selfish. To the American government, shame on you for not caring about your CITIZENS enough.
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