Saturday, January 15, 2005

Planes, trains and autobahns....

<> I have a one week business trip to Germany. The land of Beethoven, Kraftwerk, Beer, Wurst, ICE Trains and the famous Autobahn.

I will be visiting Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne.
As the title of this post indicates, other than boat, I will be using the very best of what German transportation has to offer. Yes the 300kph ICE ride from Frankfurt to Cologne will be nice (cuting a 3 hour drive by car, to a 52 minute train ride), but it will be my third go at the Autobahn which will be the personal 'rush' for me this trip. I hope to drive 200kph for at least 10 minutes. For Americans like me, going 140 kph is something special (and illegal).

A post during this time is possible, but my apologies in advance if I am unable to find the time/energy.

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