Thursday, February 24, 2005

Vermont - Snow - Beer and some Moose = Good Times!

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." - Benjamin Franklin

Off to Vermont for a long weekend of skiing, drinking and moose watching.

Lots of ideas should develop for the entire 'mighty blog' produkt line:

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By Blogger Mark

Glad to see you still blogging away. Skiing in Vermont - lucky guy! I'm stuck out on an island in the Atlantic - cold but beautiful, and a history all to its own.

I enjoy the Chomsky blog. Don't know if you read Mark Steyn (great writer -, who likes to remind all about Noam's prediction of the 'silent genocide' of 3 million in Afghanistan....still waiting on that one...or at least still waiting for someone to call him on that one.

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By Blogger mightymerk

Hi Mark,

Glad to see you still are active in the blogsphere as well.
I know of Mark Steyn, but I can't say I have read much of his work, that is until I started to last night as per your recommendation.

Chomsky has been called out on the silent genocide remark time and time over. Problem is that 'followers' of Chomsky fail to ever acknowledge just how wrong he has been about a great many topics/assertions.

Trying to convert a Chomskyite is like trying to convert a heroin addict. You can't do it with words/logic alone, and I have given up trying. The purpose of the debunk Chomsky site is to serve as a collection of refernce material for those having trouble (as I have had) to find good critical arguments against many of the fantasy portrayals of the world that Chomsky creates. I find more and more, that the academic world is beginning to refute Chomsky more and more, and not just on his political/social commentary, but also in his work in linguistics.

Again, good to bump into you again and I am checking out your site as well...glad to see you have had a couple of posts! Some intersting stuff.

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