Sunday, April 10, 2005

20 years and counting...

Hillary Clinton right now remains one of the favorites for the Democratic nomination in the 2008 election.

So I started thinking that if either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush (as unlikely as it is) are elected President of the United States, that will mean 24+ years of straight Presidential rule between 2 families, the Bushes and the Clinton's. That would be over 2/3's of my life.
Hello New World Oligarch!

Not sure how I feel about this. Actually I am quite sure how I feel.

I go on record now as saying that I will neither vote for a Clinton or a Bush in the next election.

If only my 'liberal' friends would have voted for the candidate of their beliefs (Nader) rather then for Bush lite (Kerry) perhaps a viable 3rd party candidate/party could have been emerged. Unfortunately the total selfish behavior of my true liberal friends all dictated that they vote against Bush, rather then for the candidate that best represented their own feelings. Easily, I would say that Nader should have gotten 20%-25% of John Kerry's votes if people voted their concious. This type of selfishness set back the 3rd party system at least 16-20 years in my estimation. Oh well.

For the record I am a registered Republican. I consider myelf to be more conservative then Republican (and yes there is a difference). I have also voted out of party in both local and national elections. I am also someone who has supported 3rd party candidates/parties in his lifetime when they best represent the ideals that I hold.

I am not sure if this Oligarchy is being formed by pure coincidence, human nature, intellectual laziness, or by fixed political hand. Perhaps various levels of all four elements are involved?

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By Blogger wonks

It doesn't really make much sense for liberals to vote for Nader when they know that the race was between two men, kerry and bush. Why throw your vote away?

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By Blogger mightymerk

Hi Wonks,

Though I personally do not support a person such as Nader, he is by far more contrasting to George Bush/Current American Policy then John Kerry was.

I really feel that a viable 3rd party candidate/party could have had strong footing in the 2008 election (as the existing two parties seem to meld in the center). If this 3rd party was to be a (true) liberal party, so be it. (I wish true conservatism had the same chance).

For better or for worse, it will be more from the same two parties in 2008.

thanks for reading/posting

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