Sunday, July 31, 2005

1st Annual Mighty Blogs Award

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I introduce to you the 1st Annual Mighty Blog awards!
Look for the Star (above) at a few choice blogs that I read. These are all personal choices, a voting committee of one.

To the winners and those receiving honorable mentions please note:
You will not become rich, famous or popular because of this.


You may take satisfaction in knowing that someone is taking notice of who you are and what you are doing. More importantly I just want to say thanks. Most of you continue to be the reason why I continue to blog myself.


Best Friend to the mightyblogs:
Vector at Hydrogen and Stupidity – Vector has been one of the earliest people to comment on the mightyblogs. He also did the HTML work for the site design (gratis). (don’t blame him for the colors, fonts and layout as it is was by my very amateur design). One of the true pleasures in my life was meeting Vector and his lovely wife in Amsterdam for a few beers and snacks.
Honorable mention: Christian Beach, Mark at Haemoglobin

mightyblogs Overachiever Award:
DougRoss@journal - Whether he is writing about Information Security, Software Development or Life in General (as he puts it), Doug always finds the time to write, and write, and write. Doug is the most professional, non-professional (nice wording, huh?) blogger I read. There are times when his writings have inspired my own writings, which is why he is a Mighty Blogs World Tribe member as well.

mightyblogs Underachiever Award:
Ben Allbright at B.allbright – This is a guy who I ‘bumped’ into on mBlog. The guy has my interest for several reasons. First and foremost he is cerebral to what is going on in the world. He also has some life experiences, such as serving in Iraq that I do not share but remain interested in. He also won an episode (possibly more) of Jeapordy! Unfortunately, after waiting patiently for months, still no essay on Iraq as promised in his politik blog, and lately his work has included the ‘usual’ Larry King(ish) one liner rants and posts promising future posts. Granted it appears he is busy in life, but who isn’t? Perhaps this award motivates him to write more.
Honorable Mention: Christian Beach (please wake-up!!) Rennes at Katominaator (yes it is in the Estonian language but I can at least look at the pictures!!)

Story of the Year:
The execution of Theo Van Gogh (mighty blogs post and here and here)
Honorable mention: Death of Pope John Paul II, Elections in Iraq, Lance Armstrong wins his 7th Tour de France

Favorite Post on the mightyblogs (whoever said "Self Praise Stings" was wrong):
How American do you have to be to become President? (1,2,3)
Honorable mention: A brief History of Anti-Americanism (1,2,3), Global Warming and the Kyoto Protocol, Theo’s movie….van Gone!!, On Gulags and Gitmo’s

Favorite Post (outside of the mightyblogs):
Fight on the mBlog – It is no secret that I have my share of issues with Matt Good's political philosophy at times. That said I believe he generally has good intentions and this story and this statement “It is hard to imagine that teens of modern, democratic western nations would need to resort to such violence. Kids will be kids (as the saying goes), but when will Parents start becoming Parents again?” , had a profound impact on me. (for some strange reason though Matt removed this statement from the original post.
This post of Matt inspired my own Does Everyone Want Their 15 Minutes of Shame?
Honorable mention: My Food Pyramid by Doug Ross, November 2nd – Vector at Hydrogen & Stupidity.

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By Blogger Christian

Nothing like patting yourself on the back and belitting your friends. But seriously, I congradulate you for your thoughtfull posts which are usually informative, even if our idealogy may differ sometimes. Plus, you were my exclusive news source for the tour de france...

Keep up the good work!

@ 10:42 AM  

By Blogger mightymerk

Hey man,

You are a good friend, that has so much more to offer. You are the 'real' writer out of us two. On top of that you are really talented musician.

If I motivate you to increase your output to two posts per month I consider that a win/win situation. :)

@ 1:44 PM  

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