Saturday, July 30, 2005

Happy Anniversary - Birthday - Whatever you want to call it!

Anniversary - Birthday - Whatever you want to call it!, originally uploaded by mightymerk.

August 1st is officially one year for the Mighty Blogs!!

Like most blogs, it has changed quite a big the first few posts (example here and here) were more personal in nature. Early on I had wanted the mighty blogs to read more as a term paper or editorial piece (examples here and here), but quite frankly I do not usually have the time to post things like this with any consistency (though I do try).

All in all though I achieved my initial goal which was to keep this thing going for at least a year. I didn’t care if I received any comments at all (though they are always appreciated).

Along the way I came into ‘virtual’ contact with quite a few people. I got introduced to quite a few good blogs, depending on your definition did my fair share of trolling and commenting, and even got to meet a fellow blogger in the Netherlands.

I will not make any promises, but you should know I am always thinking of doing more with this blog (as so many of us do). Perhaps doing some podcast work, having several contributors, or simply having more frequent, higher quality posts. Right now I grade myself a B- in terms of the general quality of my posts. That said, continue to bookmark this blog as I have no plans on stopping any time soon.

Look for a special post on August 1st.

Happy Anniversary mightyblogs!!

Posted by mightymerk, 7:40 AM


By Blogger Vector

Congratz! Persistence is the keyword :)

As you can see, the top is renewed - it was up precisely at 12:00.

Good luck in the future and many more years to come :)

@ 3:07 AM  

By Blogger mightymerk


Thank you so much. You are a very reliable person. I thank you for taking such good care of me!!

@ 5:47 PM  

By Blogger Mark

Congrats on one year of blogging, mightymerk. It's a pleasure reading your entries, they are always succinct, interesting, and informative - three qualities that many blogs lack.

I remember finding your blog through the mBlog comments section, where you are one of the few tolerant people to post (and received nothing but vitriol for your efforts). What I enjoyed most was your ability to see through the b.s. on that site, and objectively and insightfully comment on the ludicrous arguments and 'straw men' that were regularly employed there. You certainly embarrassed the author of that sight regularly (though prob'ly without directly intending to ;) ).

Why do I sound like i'm writing a eulogy?? Congrats dude, glad I found the blog and look forward to many more entries to come!

@ 8:23 AM  

By Blogger mightymerk

Mark, those are some very nice comments. I really do appreciate it.

My days of battling it out on the mBlog are over (though I do still post from time to time), but if nothing else it served as a great conduit to a few friendly relationships, ours being one of them.

Who knows, maybe one day I will stop by St. John's and we can have a Moosehead or soemthing? ;)

@ 12:44 PM  

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