Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday STFU's 11/19/2005

Saturday STFU's (why not?), originally uploaded by mightymerk.

New Feature Folks!
Every Saturday I will feature those quotes and situations from the past week from all over the world, where had I been present I most assuredly would have said

I am feeling a bit creative and a bit frisky lately. Here goes nothing...


Congress has declined to prosecute Rafael Palmeiro for perjury because the evidence they received was "confusing and contradictory in many respects."
Mr. Palmeiro's is contending that he unknowingly received a steroid while being administered a B12 shot from teammate Michael Tejada.

Palmeiro said, "I feel that the B-12 was probably the thing that might have done it."

Hey Rafael, STFU!
You know damn well that the 'B12 shot' is exactly how the steroid entered your system. The only surprise is that you got caught. In the modern day sports world when a guy is feeling a little down and in the middle of a slump one would believe that an athlete would approach the team trainer of phsyician for such a shot. Just STFU! as nobody is buying the BS!


Robert Blake was 'convicted' in a civil trial for the wrongful death of his wife Bonny Lee Bakley. Mr. Blake was acquitted just 8 months ago in the criminal.

"My fervent hope and prayers," he said on his last day of testimony, "are that when this is over that everyone get on with their lives."
Hey Robert Blake, STFU!
Now that you are out $30 million but also out of jail, perhaps you can take some time now and find the real killer of your wife. Perhaps playing the same golf circuit as OJ Simpson will help!


Ford is cutting 4000 jobs in North America. The company lost another $284 million in the third quarter and shares have dropped nearly 40% since 2004 (those i owned included).

Ford Chairman and Chief Executive Bill Ford Jr. said last month that the automaker will announce its long-awaited restructuring plan -- dubbed "Way Forward" -- in January.

Hey Bill Ford Jr, STFU!
Unless those plans include developing viable manufacturing jobs in America and the rehiring of more workers domestically you are a failure in my opinion. Your grandfather is an American icon because he made the automobile more accesible to Americans (and the world for that matter). How about doing something truly remarkable and hire more American workers in 2006 then foreign companies like Toyotal plan to? Personally, I stoped 'buying your American cars' when you stopped 'hiring our American workers'!


Last but not least People Magazine has named Matthew McConaughey sexiest man alive for 2005.

"I like the 'Alive' part," says McConaughey, 36, of being crowned PEOPLE's 20th Sexiest Man Alive. "Now I've made it. Wait until you see the roles I could take after this. You're going to see my gut hanging over, plus 22 (lbs.). It'll be a whole new kind of sexy!"

Hey Matthew, STFU!
Is that suppose to be a funny? I think we have seen your view of a "new kind of sexy". Remember a few years back when you were strolling around your house, rambling incoherently and naked? Or was that the 'old kind' of sexy? Sweet stuff guy.
And while I may be no judge of male beauty or sexiness, many around the blogsphere say you have to contend with this guy. Good luck in 2006!


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